My very simple,very delish potato salad

  • ♥ Star ingredient ♥: Heinz salad cream original, “pourable sunshine”—it’s in the international foods aisle at Kroger and publix in the states, should be all over the place in Ghana. Please don’t disrespect the recipe by using any other dressing:)

  •  carrots
  • Can of sweet peas
  • 12 eggs( like to put a bunch of eggs in there)
  • Salt
  • Optional  pieces of chicken gizzards( which I love, but didnt put in this salad)
  • N of course potatoes ( say 12 of em)

Hard boil eggs

Peel potatoes and chop em

Rinse with water only

Cover potatoes with water and boil (add salt to taste)

Don’t let potatoes turn into porridge

boil carrots ( add salt to taste)and dice

Drain potatoes n let kul

Add carrots to potatoes

Drain sweet peas n add em

Cut up boiled eggs n add em

I prefer to take out the yolks and scramble them over the salad.

Add optional chicken gizzard (which you should have seasoned, steamed and cut up)

Add ♥ star ingredient ♥

N mix

Refrigerate for an hour

It’s ready!

Keep refrigerated

Good with fried/ baked chicken, rice,…..




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